Paul and Toula Alatzakis have been serving the greater Waukegan area for more than 25 years, although the Peacock Restaurant first opened its doors in 1993.

The couple saw the bright building on the corner of Grand and McAree Avenues and quickly fell in love with the business potential the location offered.

Within days both Paul and Toula began creating different aspects of their new restaurant. The premise was simple: Offer quality, homemade food and soup at low prices, with exceptional service.

Paul handled the business side of operations, including vending contracts and personnel. Toula, the creative one of the marriage, took care of the restaurant’s look, including interior and exterior designs. All that lacked was a name.

For weeks they tossed around ideas with each other and with friends; when finally, their daughter, inspired by the restaurant's color scheme, suggested “The Peacock.” The name stuck and on August 15, 1993 The Peacock Family Restaurant opened its doors to many new customers as well as loyal friends.

Word of the restaurant’s quality and friendly service spread throughout the community. Even the media caught on, and Paul, Toula and their Peacock were featured in a number of local newspapers and magazines.

As a way to show their appreciation, the couple began offering monthly specials, as well as breakfast specials. The biggest treat to their customers is their anniversary celebration. To commemorate every year, they began offering half-off the entire menu every August 15.

Through the years they became more ingrained in the community -- which they also lived in -- and business relationships forged new friendships.

After eight years at the location the couple moved the restaurant two miles south to Waukegan’s Belvidere Road. At the time they were one of the first businesses to take a risk in the area, which has since gone through a commercial boom. Loyal customers quickly followed and the restaurant didn’t miss a beat.

Today, the restaurant is located at 2670 Belvidere Road in Waukegan. Many of the same recipes and employees that were with Paul and Toula when they first came to Waukegan are still at the Peacock Restaurant.

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